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Going Global: The Ultimate Upper Quarter Course

This course is suited for the therapist involved in the treatment of patients with acute, unresolved or persistent pain or dysfunction of Upper Quarter origin.

The Ultimate Upper Quarter Course
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East London


17 – 18 Aug 2024



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14 Level 1 CEU’s to be applied for with 4 additional online CPD points available

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Instructor: Tanya Bell-Jenje

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In Person Practical Course

On this course you will learn:

  • Understand the biomechanics and clinical anatomy of the glenohumeral, scapulo-thoracic, scapulo-humeral and cervico-thoracic regions in a unique, clinically applicable manner.
  • Recognise abnormal scapular and glenohumeral positional changes and its effect on the presenting pathology.
  • Understand & identify the causative factors in various upper quarter syndromes.
  • Predict risk for future injury of the upper quarter.
  • Assess the upper quarter in detail. This assessment is unique, providing maximum information with minimum tests. Tanya’s original & innovative assessment form is provided for immediate use in your treatment rooms.
  • Use clinical reasoning to identify source of symptoms and the appropriate management.
  • Learn to reason where you should start with management: with glenohumeral or scapular or cervical dysfunction. Which is the chicken & which is the egg?
  • Understand the pathogenesis of pain & injury in the Overhead shoulder.
  • Learn to differentiate different types of impingement, different rotator cuff tears & their different best managements.
  • Correctly teach your patient selected stabilisation strategies (to improve motor control & control of the neutral) of the craniovertebral, scapula and glenohumeral joints from the initial acute phase (in neutral) to full return to their pre-injury level.
  • Pre-habilitate injury risk factors to prevent injury, minimise costs and allow the professional athlete to be less hampered by persistent injury.
  • Correctly employ Myofascial release techniques to connective tissues with restricted extensibility, such as Levator scapulae, Pectoralis minor, Infraspinatus and Teres minor.
  • Progress rehabilitation in functionally ideal positions for optimal return to the patients’ pre-injury level.

Suitable for:

This course is suitable for the Therapist involved in the treatment of patients with acute, unresolved or persistent pain or dysfunction of Upper Quarter origin. Skills taught on this course can be applied equally to the sporty (recreational & elite) as well as the inactive patient, from young children to the elderly.

A revision of the anatomy of the shoulder girdle (glenohumeral, scapulo-thoracic & scapulo-humeral) and cervical spine is essential for all participants prior to attending this course.

Updated 2024 Content

Course Information


The world has changed. Many Physiotherapy courses are online & Webinars have exploded onto the scene. As a result, theoretical knowledge within the

profession has improved tenfold, whilst hands-on Manual skills, Clinical skills & Clinical reasoning skills have declined. Assessing the whole patient to find the source of the problem, the Primary Driver, is becoming a lost art. So much sub-grouping is taking place, practitioners are becoming ‘experts’ in one joint, losing the knowledge to look at co-relationships & regional inter-dependence. The clinician keen to offer optimal patient-centred care is challenged to find the resources to enhance their clinical & diagnostic knowledge.

This Clinically relevant course introduces the Clinician to concepts necessary in evaluating and differentiating pain and dysfunction in the Upper Quarter region (Shoulder, Scapulo-thoracic, Thoracic, Cervical), recognising that the system is complex and integrated, respecting the Biopsychosocial model.

The information provided in this course is up to date (2024) with current evidence-based research of merit included. Many of the testing procedures are validated. Participants are taught to clinically reason research articles, testing procedures, and hypothesise potentially implicated structures to determine best patient-specific prescriptive management.

The focus for 2024 is to make the ‘Going Global: The Ultimate Upper Quarter Course’ as clinically relevant as possible, packed with practical sessions & workshops, giving you skills that aren’t attainable online.

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Expand your vast pool of knowledge by learning new key concepts and trends.

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Community Service Physios R3650
SASP members R4590
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Closing Date 3 Aug 2024
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